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My teeth were starting to deteriorate, and I was running out of options to repair them. The dentist gave me a choice. I could wait until the bone loss was so bad that I would have to have my teeth removed and get dentures, or I could have them removed now and get dental implants. I opted for the implants. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions. I love mine, but they took some getting used to. In this blog, I’m sharing my experience and all the information that I picked up throughout my implant experience. You can find out what the procedure entails, how to prepare for your implants, and how to care for them once they’re in.


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All About Implants

Lightsabers, Ray Guns, And Dental Drills? Three Reasons Lasers Belong In The World Of Dentistry

by Alfredo Moore

A dental appointment, even when it is for a routine procedure, causes many patients to suffer from anxiety. They may dread hearing whir of the drill or having to deal with the resulting post appointment pain and swelling. Utilizing a dentist who specializes in laser dentistry solves many of the issues that cause you to dread going to the dentist.

1. Lasers enable dentists to work quicker.

A single laser is able to take the place of multiple dental tools, cutting down on the time that it takes to complete a procedure. For example, your dentist can perform numerous fillings in a single visit as opposed to the multiple visits often required with conventional dental tools. Laser dentistry enables many patients to forgo the numbing step that makes up a significant portion of your appointments.

Children who are unable to remain still for a conventional procedure or who require sedation in order to do so are likely able to handle the short amount of time that it takes to complete the work with a laser.

2. Lasers provide a quicker, easier recovery period.

Lasers are precise instruments capable of working on a minute portion of the tooth or gums. With a laser, your dentist does not have to drill and work on the entire tooth to fill a small cavity. Instead, he or she is able to use a laser to remove only the afflicted area. Leaving the surrounding areas unscathed results in a significantly smaller amount of bleeding and swelling after your appointment.

With a laser, many procedures are pain free, eliminating the need for a local or general anesthetic. Thanks to laser dentistry, procedures that usually require the use of sedation dentistry may be completed while the patient is awake. You can leave your appointment awake and alert instead of feeling like a groggy chipmunk.

3. Lasers are pleasant.

A laser is a quiet dental instrument that uses light as its energy source, making it preferable to the obnoxious grinding and burning smells associated with a drill. Patients, especially children and individuals with special needs, are often bothered by the pressure and sounds of traditional dental instruments. Lasers enable these patients to go to the dentist without having to worry about experiencing sensory distress.

The use of lasers takes your dental appointments to a completely new level that is much more pleasant. Lasers can promote a better sense of physical and mental well before, during, and after your dental appointments. In the hands of competent dental professionals, lasers can revolutionize the world of dentistry for the patients who need it most.