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My teeth were starting to deteriorate, and I was running out of options to repair them. The dentist gave me a choice. I could wait until the bone loss was so bad that I would have to have my teeth removed and get dentures, or I could have them removed now and get dental implants. I opted for the implants. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions. I love mine, but they took some getting used to. In this blog, I’m sharing my experience and all the information that I picked up throughout my implant experience. You can find out what the procedure entails, how to prepare for your implants, and how to care for them once they’re in.


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All About Implants

Dentist Or Emergency Room? Where Should You Go With A Dental Emergency?

by Alfredo Moore

Do you have a dental emergency? One of the first things you may instinctually think to do is head to the emergency room. However, the emergency room in a hospital may not be the most ideal place when you have a dental emergency. The most important thing to think about is to use your common sense. The following are some things to think about when you have an accident that affects your teeth:

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be defined as any major injury to the mouth that affects the teeth, mouth, gums, and so on. If your injury is restricted to this area and you are not hurt anywhere else, you will likely not get much assistance from a hospital other than controlling any bleeding and alleviating pain.

When Should You Go to the Dentist?

A dental emergency can include painful swelling in the mouth and face, a broken or knocked out tooth, excessive tooth pain, and the like. For these issues, you will be better off going to your dentist. Many dental practices, such as the Northwest Dental Services and Implant Center, offer emergency services. If your dentist does not provide this service, you should be able to find someone in your area that does see patients after hours. You don't have to be restricted to your own dentist when it comes to an emergency.

When Should You Go to the Hospital Emergency Room?

In some cases, an injury to the mouth will necessitate a visit to the emergency room. If you have uncontrollable bleeding, a broken jaw, or dizziness from being hit in the mouth, you need to be seen by an emergency room physician. These types of injuries can have longstanding impacts on your health and can be very dangerous. You need to use some common sense when it comes to these types of injuries. If it seems like you have a major emergency, always go to the emergency room for treatment.

It can sometimes be difficult to discern what may be a dental emergency. In some cases, what may seem like something a dentist should handle should actually be dealt with immediately. If you have an abscess in the middle of the night that you would normally see your dentist for, go ahead and go to the emergency room. At the very least they can help control the pain and possibly put you on antibiotics until you can have the problem corrected by the dentist. The emergency room is not going to provide you with tooth treatment, but they can help you deal with the symptoms if necessary.