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My teeth were starting to deteriorate, and I was running out of options to repair them. The dentist gave me a choice. I could wait until the bone loss was so bad that I would have to have my teeth removed and get dentures, or I could have them removed now and get dental implants. I opted for the implants. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions. I love mine, but they took some getting used to. In this blog, I’m sharing my experience and all the information that I picked up throughout my implant experience. You can find out what the procedure entails, how to prepare for your implants, and how to care for them once they’re in.


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All About Implants

Traditional Braces Vs. Invisible Braces

by Alfredo Moore

If you have crooked teeth, you may be considering braces. However, with so many different types on the market today, you may not be sure which to choose. Traditional braces are still a popular option, but more and more people are choosing invisible braces. Check out the differences between the two, so you can decide which is best for you:

Cost and Treatment Time

When it comes to cost, both traditional braces and invisible braces are quite comparable. If you don't have orthodontia coverage, you can expect to pay around $4,937 for traditional metal braces. The popular Invisalign invisible braces cost an average of $5,000. Treatment time is also quite similar, but metal braces are little faster than invisible braces. Whichever option you choose, however, the exact price will depend on the severity of the bite that needs to be corrected. More severe crookedness takes longer than minor flaws.

Appearance and Styles

The reason people love invisible braces so much is that they are practically invisible. They are clear aligners that snap over your teeth. Traditional braces, however, are much more noticeable, but there are some options. For example, you can get tooth-colored wires and brackets to make it blend into your teeth better. On the other hand, if you don't mind the metal, you can choose different colors of wires and brackets to make them a little more fun.

Effectiveness of Treatment

Traditional braces are still the most effective way to move your teeth. This is because you can fix just about every misalignment issue with traditional braces. Invisible braces are also effective, but they aren't as good at severe problems. They are especially poor at correcting bites, such as overbites and underbites.

Comfort and Convenience

Invisible braces are much more comfortable and convenient than traditional braces. This is because they have no metal that can poke you. Plus, they can be removed. In fact, you need to remove them to eat, drink and clean your teeth. With traditional braces, flossing and brushing can be difficult, and you may need to avoid some foods that could get stuck in your braces. On the other hand, if you remove your Invisalign aligners too often, your teeth won't correct.

Both traditional braces and invisible braces are great, but traditional braces are still the most effective. On the other hand, if you want to hide the fact you have braces, invisible braces are your best bet. For more information regarding braces, contact an orthodontist in your area, like Night & Day Dental