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My teeth were starting to deteriorate, and I was running out of options to repair them. The dentist gave me a choice. I could wait until the bone loss was so bad that I would have to have my teeth removed and get dentures, or I could have them removed now and get dental implants. I opted for the implants. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions. I love mine, but they took some getting used to. In this blog, I’m sharing my experience and all the information that I picked up throughout my implant experience. You can find out what the procedure entails, how to prepare for your implants, and how to care for them once they’re in.


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All About Implants

Why And How You Need To Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

by Alfredo Moore

If you haven't been cleaning your toothbrushes, then you have not been doing enough for your dental hygiene.

Why You Should Clean Your Toothbrush

Here are a few reasons you should be active in keeping your toothbrush clean:

Toothbrush Don't Have Sterile Packaging

Your toothbrush may be harboring germs even before you have used it. This is because toothbrushes don't have sterile packaging; your toothbrush can pick germs anywhere between its manufacturing place and the store from which you bought it.

Toothbrushes Pick up Germs in Storage

Your toothbrush can also pick up germs in its surrounding environment. Germs from dust in the air or germs in the storage container can easily contaminate the bristles. Such germs will get transferred to your mouth when you brush.

Toothbrushes Harbor Germs From the Mouth

Brushing is a good way of keeping your teeth clean, but the germs that get removed from your mouth end up on your toothbrush. Such germs may continue to survive or even multiply on the toothbrush and re-infect your mouth the next time you are brushing. You may end up needing to see your family dentist for a gum infection. 

How to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

As you can see, your toothbrush may not be as clean as you think if you don't take active measures to keep it clean. Here are a few specific tips to keep your toothbrush from making you sick:

Store It Properly

As previously mentioned, your toothbrush can pick up germs in storage and transfer them to your mouth the next time you are brushing. This means you should store your toothbrush in a clean place to reduce the risk of contamination. For example, you should:

  • Avoid storing toothbrushes together to limit the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Store your toothbrush in a place where it can dry out since microorganisms thrive in moist places.
  • Avoid the toilet as a storage place, if possible, since the toilet environment has numerous germs flying around.

 Rinse Thoroughly After Use

Take time to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after every use. Many people brush in a hurry, especially on workdays, which limit the time they have to rinse their toothbrushes. Unfortunately, this leaves germs on the toothbrush that may multiply and re-infect you.

Soak it Regularly

Once in a while, you need to give your toothbrush a deeper cleaning than a simple rinse can provide. The same is true if you are sick (since your mouth is likely harboring more germs at that time). Soak your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash and then rinse it thoroughly under running water.