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My teeth were starting to deteriorate, and I was running out of options to repair them. The dentist gave me a choice. I could wait until the bone loss was so bad that I would have to have my teeth removed and get dentures, or I could have them removed now and get dental implants. I opted for the implants. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions. I love mine, but they took some getting used to. In this blog, I’m sharing my experience and all the information that I picked up throughout my implant experience. You can find out what the procedure entails, how to prepare for your implants, and how to care for them once they’re in.


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All About Implants

    The Differences Between Crowns: Your Dental Questions Answered

    Are all dental crowns the same? From why you might need this type of restoration to the materials they're made from, take a look at what you need to know about the differences between crowns—and the healthy mouth benefits they offer. Why Would You Need A Crown? There isn't one reason to choose this type of dental restoration. Dentists use this type of repair to protect weak teeth, restore severely chipped or damaged teeth, cover or support decayed teeth, hold a bridge, change the color of a tooth, or change the shape of a tooth.

    Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

    Cosmetic dentistry has gained popularity for its ability to enhance teeth aesthetics. Whether you have misaligned, crooked or discolored teeth, you should schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists use various dentistry procedures to restore your smile. Here are the common types of cosmetic dentistry procedures Dental Bridges A missing tooth leaves a gap in your mouth that affects your confidence and provides space for adjacent teeth to shift.

    3 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

    The process of getting dental implants requires oral surgery and a longer recovery time than traditional dentures. Consequently, some patients will be tempted to opt for the use of dentures rather than undergoing an implant procedure. If you are leaning towards this same decision, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. The reason for this is that while the process of getting implants may be a bit more complex, the benefits that these implants provide are also quite superior.

    What to Expect If Your Tooth Is Infected

    Finding out that you might have an infected tooth isn't something to be happy about, but the good news is that it's quite treatable. If you're worried because you've learned this might be your problem, or you know that it is, don't panic. This simple guide will explain what's going on with your tooth and how it will be treated by your dentist. What's Going on Internally When a tooth becomes infected, it responds like any other part of the body.

    Potential Consequences of Untreated Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    An impacted wisdom tooth may not cause any symptoms, however, it can cause a toothache, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, and a bad taste in your mouth. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth you will need to see your family dentist, who will take either panoramic x-rays of your mouth or simple bitewing x-rays to determine the extent of the impaction. If impacted wisdom teeth are not treated, they can raise the risk for the following problems.

    Do You Need Dental Implants? 3 Reasons You Do

    Proper oral health can impact different areas of your life, including enhancing your self-esteem and facial appearance. Unfortunately, some people struggle with dental issues such as tooth loss. This can occur due to different reasons such as gum disease, tooth decay, tartar buildup, plaque, and poor oral hygiene. Are you wondering how you can solve your teeth loss? You don't need to worry because tooth implants can help. They're one of the most effective methods for replacing damaged or missing teeth.

    What You Should Know Before Your First Adult Dental Visit

    For many adults, seeing a dentist for the first time can be intimidating. It's important to understand what happens during a dental visit, and it is also crucial that you have an understanding of the types of procedures a dentist may recommend. If it has been a long time since your last dental visit, you may have a lot of questions. This information will help you make good decisions for your health.

    Six Things Not To Do When You Need Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a popular and advantageous method for replacing severely damaged teeth. It's important to inform yourself and avoid common mistakes when you're in need of dental implants. The following are six things not to do when you need dental implants.  Procrastinating about having the dental implant procedure performed You shouldn't wait to have dental implants put in if you need them. If you are missing teeth or if your teeth are severely damaged, procrastinating about having dental implants put in is very bad for your gums.